'The Legal Edition' Aims to Keep Bedford Residents Business Smart

Host of the new Bedford TV program "The Legal Edition" Mary Elloian is looking to impart some of her expertise in business and law to Bedford residents.


Mary Elloian is aiming to give Bedford residents some tools to put in their intellectual toolbox with her new show on Bedford TV, "The Legal Edition."

Elloian said she felt there was a gap in the marketplace in terms of the kind of information available to Bedford residents regarding how to make smart business and legal decisions.

"I felt that I had the ability to fill the gap in the news market being an Attorney, an M.B.A., and a Business person with a background in communication," Elloian said.

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Elloian, who is the Chief Counsel at the Law Offices of Mary Kay Elloian based out of Burlington, has 25 years of combined experience in law as business as corporate executive, entrepreneur and lawyer. 

"I want to give poeple the knowledge and tools they need to make better legal and business decisions," Elloian said. "I focus on issues that the traditional media often gloss over."

Issues such as the intricacies of setting up a small business or how to buy or sell a home will be addressed by Elloian and her guests on the show, in hopes that viewers will walk away with a better understanding of these sometimes complex issues. 

"We're going to be discussing information people really need to put into their intellectual pocketbook," Elloian said. "We live in a very educated state, but people might not necessarily be educated in the areas we're talking about."

In the first episode, which was taped last week, Elloian sat down with Marcy L. Fink, a tax expert and Certified Public Accountant based out of Burlington, to discuss how the Fiscal Cliff deal and the new tax rules that come along with the deal, will affect families, businesses and jobs. 

"It's not just Bedford, but I speak with people who are just befuddled about these issues and about how things have happened to them," Elloian said. "What I hope to do is to give some general guidelines, to guide them through these complex issues before they make a mistake."

"The Legal Edition" is filmed in a discussion format, with Elloian joined by a different guest each week. In an upcoming episode, Elloian will be joined by State Senator Brian Joyce, and the two will have a discussion on the adoption of the new 'B' Corporation legislation in Massachusetts. 

The show will be taped and broadcast twice a month according to Elloian.

Stay tuned to Bedford Patch to see a clip from "The Legal Edition" later this week. For more info on "The Legal Edition," check out the show's website. 


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