Bedford Community Reaches Out to Victims of Carlisle Road Fire

A website has been set up to donate to the Fox Tree family, the victims of the Feb. 14 house fire at 224 Carlisle Road.


Last Thursday, .

Less than a week later, Bedford residents have rallied around the Fox Tree family, the victims of the fire, raising more than $11,000 for the family through the fundraising website Give Forward. 

The original fundraising goal for the Fox Tree family, according to the website, was $10,000, with donations exceeding that at a total of $11,540 made by over 100 donors by Feb. 19. 

Fundraiser organizer Samantha Hamilton told Bedford Patch the original donation goal was set at $4,500, but she upped it to $10,000 when the initial goal was surpassed in 36 hours.

"As for the website, I am actually raising the goal up again," Hamilton said. "There will be no limitation, I just find it amazing that the 'goal' keeps being reached and passed."

According to BFD Chief David Grunes, the fire caused approximately $150,000 in property damage not including damage to the contents of the residence. 

In addition to the damage to their home, the Fox Tree family lost their pets, clothes and other personal belongings, according to the fundraising website. The full callout for donations posted on the website reads:

The Fox Tree family have sadly been victims of a house fire. Their home, pets, clothes, everything were caught by it. As friends, family, coworkers, just simply loved ones let's help them build their life back up. They have been their time and again for all of us so why can't we give back to them. Please just take a moment to donate to help this family get started back up again and give them the hope and love that they deserve! Thank you for your participation.

Besides monetary donations, family, friends and members of the Bedford community have left their well-wishes for the Fox Tree family on the fundraising website:

"I'm sorry for this loss and hope the days and weeks ahead will be lifted by help from friends and people who care," wrote one anonymous donor.

"Bedford stands with you," wrote the Lance family.

"We are so sorry to hear of this news and thankful that you all survived. It takes a vilage and you all have one here with us," user 'A Bedford Friend' wrote. 

Several donors have also offered up everything from microwave ovens, furniture, meals, toys, kitchenware, bedding, linens, school items and children and adult clothing to the Fox Tree family.

The fundraiser for the Fox Tree family on Give Forward will continue until Feb. 28, and donations and well-wishes for the family can be made here until that time.  



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