Bedford Public Schools Website Hacked

The Bedford Police Department is currently investigating the Nov. 16 hacking of the Bedford Public Schools website.


The Bedford Police Department received a call from a concerned parent at 8:15 p.m. on Friday reporting that the Bedford Public Schools website had been hacked, according to Detective Lieutenant Scott Jones.

BPD notified Superintendent Jon Sills, who sent a message out to all the parents of Bedford students:

Dear Parents,

The Bedford Public Schools' website was hacked this evening.  This is a criminal act, and our IT personnel and the police are working to remedy and get to the bottom of the situation.  Please know that your students' personal data is not contained on our website, and we have no indication that Aspen, which contains that information, has been compromised.



"We are working with the schools to look into this, and the situation is currently under investigation," Jones said.

Sills said the school alerted their Information Technology consultant of the situation as soon as they were notified the police, who provided an additional IT consultant to help resolve the situation. 

It took the consultants three to four hours to resolve the hacking, Sills said. 

Student information stored on Aspen, the software Bedford schools uses to assess student skill and knowledge development, was not compromised by the hacking, according to Sills. 

"The student information is stored seperately and is secured," Sills said. 



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