BPD Launches New Verion of MyPD App

The latest version of the MyPD app will include new features such as the ability to retrieve information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


The Bedford Police Department announced the launch of the latest version of their MyPD smartphone application on Nov. 5.

The update to the app will double the features of the orginal version, including push notifications, redesigned feedback and tip forms as well the ability to retrieve information from FEMA, the National Weather Service and the National Terror Advisory System

BPD Officer Marc Saucier said the latest version of the MyPD app will create a more direct line of communication between BPD and members of the Bedford community. 

"We can now push outnotifications and alerts to the public and the public has a variety of ways to contacts us and give us feedback," Saucier said.

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The crime tips feature allows Bedford residents with information about crimes around town, to send tips to the officer working the case from their phones, according to Saucier. The BPD facebook page was also updated this week to include the Bedford Police tip, commend an officer and feedback forms. 

“Our app’s crime tips or questions and feedback features allows a user to choose a topic from the formsdropdown menu that best suits them and that message will then be routed to the correct Officer,” Saucier said. 

Saucier said Bedford residents should be reminded the app should not be used to report emergencies. In case of emergency, call 911 or 781-275-1212.

More app information can be found on the Bedford Police Department website and the MyPD app website.


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