Exchange of Information With NSTAR During Sandy Leaves Room for Improvement

Town Manager Richard Reed said he hopes to improve the exchange of real time information between town officials and NSTAR during storms.


Town Manager Richard Reed said that while he was in regular communication with officials from NSTAR during Superstorm Sandy, the exchange of real time information between the two sides was not as helpful as town officials had hoped.

"We didn't have a confident handle on how many crews were working in Bedford at any given time," Reed said.

There were seven or eight roads in town that were impacted by downed trees and power lines, Reed said, causing road closures while the town waited for NSTAR to work on getting power lines back up.

"It's not so much the communication was poor, I had plenty of opportunities to talk to NSTAR," Reed said. "The information wasn't real time enough to tell where resources were being used and how long it would take to get to each area that had been impacted."

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Reed said he was talking to representatives from NSTAR several times a day, but, especially in the first day of the storm, he could not get any information on how many NSTAR crews were in Bedford at any given time or where they were working.

"In earlier periods of time they couldn't tell me where they were or what they were doing," Reed said. 

With the winter months ahead of us Reed said he hopes to speak with representatives from NSTAR to improve the communication of how resources are being used in Bedford during severe weather. 

"I hope to talk with NSTAR a little bit to continue to improve communication," Reed said. 

At their Nov. 5 meeting, the Selectmen discussed Bedford's response to Superstorm Sandy, with Selectmen William Moonan praising the Department of Public Works for their work during the storm. 

Moonan said a downed tree was blocking his driveway and branches were touching power lines as a result of the storm. 

"I commend the Department of Public Works," Moonan said. "By the time NSTAR was able to come cut the branches that were touching wires, the [DPW] was there to take them away."


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