Gov. Patrick Meets With Community College Board Chairs

The 15 community college board chairs met with Gov. Patrick to discuss the implementation of his community college plan.


Gov. Deval Patrick met with the Commonwealth's 15 community college board chairs on Nov. 29, including Middlesex Community College's board chair Royall Mack, to discuss the Patrick administration's new community college plan.

The plan, included in the FY13 budget, saw Patrick appoint the chair for each community college's board of trustees back in October. 

Mack said the meeting with Patrick started what will continue to be a close relationship between the state's community colleges and the Patrick administration in achieving the goals the Governor set earlier this year. 

“The Trustee chairs had a very good dialogue with the Governor,” Mack said.  “We agreed that we would work closely with the Governor and his Administration on aligning the strategic plans of the respective campuses with the Governor’s goals for helping community colleges meet the workforce development training needs for the state”

The appointments "reflect an experienced and skilled team ready to partner with the Administration in strengthening our community college system," according to a Thursday press release from Patrick's office. 

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Gov. Patrick recently announced $4 million in grants to Massachusetts community colleges, with MCC receiving increased funding for programs that allow students in "gateway classes" to receive help with study skills and coursework from trained tutors

“This plan has always been about strengthening the connections between our campuses, our employers, and our workforce so that each and every one of our students has the opportunity to thrive,” said Governor Patrick in the release. 



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