How the Governor's Budget Proposal Will Affect Bedford

The new budget will affect state aid to Bedford.


Last Wednesday, Governor Patrick submitted his $34.8 billion budget to the Legislature. The proposed income tax hike is part of a comprehensive package aimed at investing in the state's infrastructure and in driving growth, Patrick said.

Take a look at how the numbers affect Bedford:

FY 2013

Cherry Sheet Estimate 

FY 2014 

Gov. budget ($)

Difference ($) Education Funding Chapter 70 state education aid




Total education aid





General government Unrestricted general government 


0 Sub-total, All general government




Total Aid (minus state assessments) 5,097,816 5,894,338 796,522

Both education aid and general government aid increased for FY14 over FY13.

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Education aid saw an increase of $766,367 for FY14, while Chapter 70 education aid alone saw an increase of $758,981.

General government aid for Bedford saw an increase of $55,052 over FY13.

After factoring in state assesments, total aid to Bedford increased $796,522 to $5,894,338 for FY14 from $5,097,816 during FY13. 

Check out the PDF attached to the right for a complete look at the Cherry Sheet for Bedford.


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