TELL US: Turf or Grass for Mudge and Liljegren?

At their Jan. 7 meeting the Selectmen came to a determination on whether new athletic fields at 9 Mudge Way and 7 Liljegren Way will have synthetic turf or grass surfaces.


A vote that originally was supposed to take place at the Dec. 3 Selectmen meeting got pushed back more than a month to Monday night's meeting, but the Selectmen have finally come to a determination on what surface the new athletic fields at 9 Mudge Way and 7 Liljegren Way will have. 

According to a memo presented to the Selectmen by Town Manager Richard Reed, the construction cost for two artificial turf fields would be $2,450,000, while the cost for two grass fields would be $650,000.

"In the case of natural turf, all costs may be funded through the Community Preservation Program. In the case of synthetic turf, the portion of the project related to acquiring the synthetic turf itself ($1,125,000) would not be eligible for funding under the Community Preservation Program," according to the memo.

So tell us, would you prefer more expensive artificial turf fields at Mudge Way and Liljegren Way or two natural grass fields at less than half the cost of turf? Let us know in the comments section below.


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