Turf or Grass for Fields at Mudge and Liljegren?

The Selectmen will decide at their Dec. 10 meeting whether the athletic field designs for 9 Mudge Way and 7 Liljegren Way will be for turf or grass fields.


The Selectmen were going to vote during their Dec. 3 meeting whether the new fields approved at Special Town Meeting for 9 Mudge and 7 Liljegren Way would be artificial turf or grass, but postponed the vote until their Dec. 10 meeting. 

During their Monday meeting, the Selectmen were presented with a memo from Town Manager Richard Reed, breaking down the construction costs of both building two artificial turf as well as for two grass fields.

The construction cost for two artificial turf fields would be $2,450,000, while the cost for two grass fields would be $650,000, according to the memo. 

"In the case of natural turf, all costs may be funded through the Community Preservation Program. In the case of synthetic turf, the portion of the project related to acquiring the synthetic turf itself ($1,125,000) would not be eligible for funding under the Community Preservation Program," according to the memo.

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Selectmen Chair Catherine Cordes said it is important for the Selectmen to move forward with a plan for the athletic fields at Mudge and Liljegren Way if there is an expectation that the fields that Town Meeting members voted in favor of designing are to come online in a reasonable amount of time.

Department of Public Works Director Richard Warrington said it is important to move forward with plans and construction at Mudge and Liljegren Way due to the town's shortage of athletic fields. 

"With these two added fields I think you've solved your issues at least for a few years," Warrington said. 

Selectman Michael Rosenberg expressed a concern that the installation of grass fields at Mudge and Liljegren Way would place more pressure on the DPW grounds division in the maintenance that grass fields require. 

Selectman Margot Fleischman said she felt it was important for the town to move forward with plans for athletic fields at Mudge and Liljegren Way, as was the plan when the town originally purchased the land from the Archdiocese of Boston. 

"The town should follow through on the commitments we made when the land was purchased," Fleischman said. 

Fleischman also highlighted the benefit of expanding the town campus with two athletic fields at Mudge and Liljegren Way. 

Selectman Mark Siegenthaler said he agreed with Fleischman in that the town should proceed with construction of athletic fields at Mudge and Liljegren Way because that was the premise when the land was purchased. 

"Sometimes you just have to go with the decision you've had in front of you the whole time," Siegenthaler said. "It doesn't make sense to me to keep delaying, delaying, delaying. We just need to get on with it."

coryosue j December 12, 2012 at 05:59 AM
This is the first step in having a beautiful <a href="http://socalgreens.com/"/>artificial grass</a> in the community and thank god it already started. It's only a matter of time (may be next year) before it gets laid out. I just hope that this will not be hurdled and continue to move forward.


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